Friday, March 9, 2012

What can I do with a Go Phone SIM card from at&t?

I have a normal cell phone with a plan but i never use my minutes (i'm on the lowest priced plan with the least minutes). i dont want to keep paying as much as i do every month! Is there any way I can just temporarily freeze my account and just turn my phone into a go phone? i found a SIM card for a go phone on amazon and its only like $6 dollars. are there any other options?What can I do with a Go Phone SIM card from at%26amp;t?
You can temporarily freeze the account but if you are on a contract, you will still be billed. You can't turn it into a pay as you go because the ESN information will show that this phone was under and plan that is still is not over. You are on the lowest plan so there's really nothing you can do til your plan is up.

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