Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Should I get a mobile phone SIM card in Bangkok?

I am in Australia, using Vodaphone but I don't have roaming service. I use an iPhone and I want to be able to call domestically and internationally while in Bangkok. Should I get a SIM card there? How and where can I buy them (airport, etc?)? How much are they? Are they prepaid?Should I get a mobile phone SIM card in Bangkok?
Can you unlock your iphone? I brought my iphone with me and just bought a prepaid package with my carrier for the data package. It was $59 USD for 50gb totally good for 5 weeks worth of traveling. I didn't make calls with it. I brought a separate unlocked cell phone and bought a happy SIM card while I was there. Make sure you buy the extra minutes or "recharge" before using your phone. You can buy them at almost all 7/11's or mini markets. The cheapest one is 200 baht.

I would say either buy a sim card or open a skype account and buy a subscription. You can make calls from your iphone if you have wifi (can't use 3g or edge with skype). There were a few bars/coffee shops/restaurants that offered free wifi. I did this quite a bit. Or you can go to any computer cafe and use skype (they will have the headset for you to use) and log on to use. Skype is really easy and most convenient to use.

Have fun and good luck!Should I get a mobile phone SIM card in Bangkok?
All you need to do is take your IPhone to either ;

MBK Centre Mall -3rd or 4th Floor -You will know by all the mobile shops on the level.


Fortune Town :Next to Pharam 9 subway station,again 3rd floor

Inside either of those places you can get IPhone unlocking done.

Unlock your IPhone in either of those ,then buy a sim card from any shop up there.

Cost should be around 500BHT for unlock and 50 -100 Bht for sim card.

Best network to get on is probably 1-2-call

You buy top up credit from any 7-11 shop (theres 1000's of them around)

Then you can use local network rates for calls, and GPRS at about 100BHT per 20 hours of useageShould I get a mobile phone SIM card in Bangkok?
The main problem with mobile phones of USA, Europe and Australia is that they are all locked whereas all Asian countries have an open door policy and so all mobile phores are unlocked. So if your mobile set is unlocked, you can buy a SIM card right at the Bangkok Airport for 99 baht that about 30US cents.
Try voip,or calling card instead,You can visit this Site


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