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I am visiting South Africa. Can I get a SIM phone card for my phone there?

I麓ll be in South Africa for about 4 weeks, I need to use my blackberry or Iphone while I am down there. Is there a SIM card I can buy and prepay so that I have access to my emails/data while touring the country?I am visiting South Africa. Can I get a SIM phone card for my phone there?
hey, I live in S.A...

yes you can, there's MTN, Cell C, Vodacom and Virgin Mobile.

Good luck

Dont take MTN, it sucks. Rather choose Vodacom! And they wont charge you more if you're a tourist! They can't just change the price.

And SIM cards are pretty cheap.
Yes, just don't buy the Sim card at an official cellular store, they will rip you off, also avoid the airport.

Go the one of the supermarkets, eithe Checkers or Pick N Pay, they are all over and buy the sim card there, they should charge you around R1 for any of the cellular networks. Vodacom has the largest coverage

YOu can also buy airtime at most supermarket tellers.I am visiting South Africa. Can I get a SIM phone card for my phone there?
The cheapest place to buy a sim card is at a Pick and Pay where you will pay only R1.99c Calls are not cheep so you will have to keep them short. International calls are VERY expensive R10 to R20 per minute. Make sure your Phone is GSM compatible and not locked to a service provider. You can browse the net on your phone we have G3 and HSDPA. If you want to surf the net then Transfer some of your airtime funds to a data bundle if not you will pay R2 per megabyte or R0.37c per meg if you purchase 500meg for R189,00c. We have excellent coverage and service. Vodacom is the preferred service provider but all the are more or less the same. Airtime can be bought at nearly all petrol stations small land large grocery stores and phone shops.

Enjoy your trip to SA.
make sure your phones are unlocked first. you can buy a sim card at the duty free shops in the airport. Vodacom is the best and it costs about R 100 with R 20 credit which is enough for about 10 international messages. South africa has 3 g networks and it is pretty much developed so you can use your iphone for anything including surfing on the internet with most of their networks. i think there is vodafone as well. if you don't want all the hassle and money is not an option then go roaming mate, take your own network there..I am visiting South Africa. Can I get a SIM phone card for my phone there?
You sure can, provided your phone is not locked to the network you are using currently. As the others have said, Vodacom is good, but steer clear from MTN and Cell C... I am on Virgin Mobile, which my father brought over from the UK into South Africa. It's also a good network, but you cannot always find airtime at very shop as you might with Vodacom.
Of course, just don't say you're a tourist. Those fokers will charge 4x as much.

EDIT : To the morons that gave me a bad rating, read a f-cking news paper and a couple statistics. Then you should realise that tourists get butt f-cked in SA 24-7 because tourism is an easy target industry for criminals. And there are a lot of asshole criminals in South Africa, the place that I live. So don't f-cking bad rate me bitches! Or do the world a world of good, and shut the f-ck up!
Yes there is alot... Vodacom , MTN, Cell C. Virgen mobile,

Vodacom and MTN is the best.... I have virgen mobile... I don't have signal all the time.... Vodacom gives signal to Cell C... so your gonna have the same problem like I have If you buy Cell C. I recommend you buy MTN though I think it's alot cheaper

We have four networks

MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Virgin.

Virgin is the cheapest for wap/gprs but it is quite slow and they don't support 3g.

The best network to use for wap would be MTN.
All the big supermarkets have SIM cards for sale. They usually keep them at the till points.

MTN Pay As You Go is a pretty good choice. But the others are good as well....鈥?/a>
Hey you can get it online, even before you leave your home from RebelFone:
Ya you can. But choose vodacom...they're better than that crap you get from MTN and CellC.
Shinigami for best answer, for sure! HAHAHAHA... !!

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