Saturday, March 3, 2012

How do i switch my go phone sim card?

I have an At%26amp;T LG Prime with a go-phone sims card. Im trying to switch the sims card to a AT%26amp;T Samsung Mythic that i just got to replace the old phone, but when i put the sims card into the Mythic and turn it on, it says "sim card fail". How can i make this work in the new phone?How do i switch my go phone sim card?
Gophone SIM are actually locked to the phone where it was activated for 180 days. You hav 3 options:

1. Wait for 180 days.

2. Buy new gophone SIM, call 611 and tell them you want to update SIM and phone Info. you will need to provide them the new SIM card number and the IMEI of th new phone that you want to use. Doing this willl also lock th SIM to the new phone.

3. Call 611, tell them that you want to change phone. Request your SIM to be unlocked. This will only be possible if your old phone has a problem. They will do it over the air.

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