Saturday, March 3, 2012

How do i get stuff from my phone sim card on to my computer ?

I have loads of pic and stuff and i want to ut them on the computer and i don't know how because there on my sim card and when i plug it in it only comes up with the ones on my phone not sim card HELP !! what i do ?? (i have a tocco)How do i get stuff from my phone sim card on to my computer ?
They are not on your SIM card. The SIM only holds the unique subscriber serial number, text messages, and phone list. The pictures are probably on the phone itself or on an SD card within the phone.

Most phones show the files on the microSD card when you plug the phone into the computer. The files actually on the phone's internal memory are harder to access and don't show up on your computer. Copy all the files from the phone's internal memory to the microSD card. They should then show up when you connect to the computer. The other option is to take the card out and read it inside a card reader which plugs directly into the computer.

Refer to the phone's user's manual for instruction on how to copy files to a microSD card.

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