Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can you put any sim card in any cell phone and it work?

I won a pink razer phone and i have a pre paid phone sim card will it work?Can you put any sim card in any cell phone and it work?
Yes it will, as long as that phone takes a SIM card and it fits
noCan you put any sim card in any cell phone and it work?
It should.. unless the phone is locked.. but you can always go to a place that sells phone and they can unlock it for you.
it should almost all phones have a SIM card slot, put your SIM card into this slot and find out firsthand !Can you put any sim card in any cell phone and it work?
Nope...few carriers use a 'sim card'..and I believe it must recognize your service carrier, ESN number, and phone number!
Not really. First, you would have to figure out how to "unlock" the phone. Currently, your phone is "locked" only to work with your current provider. That's why they offered you your phone for practically nothing.

Second, I doubt that your phone is GSM. Most carriers in the US use the CDMA standard; the rest of the world uses GSM. A CDMA only phone will not work on a GSM network, visa versa. If it is a GSM phone great, figure out how to unlock it and you're set should probably buy what is known as an unlocked cell phone. That way you can put in the SIM card. You can get one at many sites such as
You can insert a prepaid sim card to your razer phone if it is an open line phone if not it must be locked to a certain provider or celfone company. Just let it unlock by celfone seller's technician.
usually sim cards are transferable from one phone to another but, you will probably need to activate the new phone first before putting the sim card into it. Just call your phone service and they will help you if you have trouble.
No. Each sim card is different. So for each different model phone...there is a different SIM card.
if it's unlocked, then any sim card will work on it. did you win the phone directly ordered from motorola? (and not from t-mobile, cingular etc?). the only time the phone will be locked is when the services sell them.
one way to find out: put that prepaid SIM in the phone and see what happens.
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