Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Can I put an American SIM card in my foreign phone?

I am an Americans that lives overseas in a country where all phones use a prepaid phone card service/ SIM card. Since I鈥檓 only going to be in the US for the summer, I really prefer to keep my cell phone and just slip in a SIM card from a US carrier. I'm looking for an unlimited plan that's not too costly, but it's been a headache to find anything.Can I put an American SIM card in my foreign phone?
yes but you are better off doing this first

1. is your phone multi freq for international use,you will need a 3 or 4 freq phone to use it that way,an international phone,otherwise you have to buy prepaid phone while you are there.

2. order a card before going for your phone, or give someone money before leaving to load you when you need load.

3. problem seems to be this, even american citizens have a hard time getting sim cards, they have to be registered with addresses and phone numbers verifiable,part of home land security.

so for what you are looking for i would do this

make sure your phone is 3-4 freq phone, you can have someone load you or transfer load to you, if not look through the internet for sim card sales for international use,you can buy one of them but like one has said they get kinda expensive this way,but still trackable to home land security through gps,most of these wont allow turning off gps.

the easiest is get an international card from where you are and preload your phone......Can I put an American SIM card in my foreign phone?
You can, and I think AT%26amp;T will give you this option. Realize though that it will be very expensive. I know you said you wanted to use your old phone, and you might not want to hear this, but your best option is to get a cheap prepaid phone to use for the summer. There are quite a few prepaid companies that offer cheap, unlimited service ranging between $40 - $50 a month 鈥?MetroPCS, Straight Talk, and Net10. Here鈥檚 a link to a site comparing the major unlimited plans: http://www.compare-prepaid-cell-phones.n鈥?/a>

Straight talk is currently offering a free phone when you purchase an unlimited card which is $45. It鈥檚 really a no frills, bottom of the line phone, but it makes calls 鈥?and it鈥檚 free. If you need to text a lot, they have a reconditioned Samsung T401G slider with a qwerty keyboard for $20. So, $45 a month for unlimited service and between free - $20 for the phone. For the Straight Talk phones check this out: http://bit.ly/jSBGv5 . Again, since you will only be here for a couple of months, look into getting a cheap prepaid cell phone.

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